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Take in the breathtaking vistas from high up above. London offers you a unique vantage point soaring about London, find out more here in our guide.
London by Balloon Tour

London is an amazing place that flaunts a dizzying array of attractions. Being a massive tourist hub as it is, there are many options when it comes to sightseeing tours in London and the hot air balloon tours in London, is by far, one of the most unique and mesmerizing ways of viewing this amazing city. An incredible gift of an experience, the London air balloon tours is sure to keep you captivated throughout as you float amidst the clouds and marvel at the lush landscape below, the towering Tudor castles, the outstanding Kent countryside and many other popular landmarks. It's simply tough to do justice in describing how magical the experience of air balloon sightseeing in London is.

Nothing can quite beat the idea of viewing the captivating scenery of London in the midst of a tranquil atmosphere. The air balloon tours in London offers an unbeatable experience of sightseeing London in the most breathtaking fashion. The balloon ride pilots would also give a clear explanation of the landmarks you cross, and absorbing these attractions would provide an altogether unique perspective of sightseeing in London. Most hot air balloon tours in London come complete with champagne, which can also prove to be a romantic outing for special ones. Generally scheduled to take off during sun rise, nothing can even come close to watching the sun rise over the horizon as you sip your drinks well over 1,000 feet in the air.

London air balloon tours gives you a hawk's eye view of the scenery below as you enjoy the popular landmark buildings, lush farmlands and Thames River. Depending on the route you opt for, the air balloon ride would allow you to view the Middlesex County Court House, the French Gothic Revival, St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica and the ancient castles in the London countryside. The take off time is also the perfect opportunity for photographers to snap the magical scenes surrounding London. Although the air balloon tours usually fly at about 1,000 feet over, it can come down and skim across the fields in the countryside, as you soak up natural beauty in unperturbed silence.

Hot air balloon tours in London offers a wonderful juxtaposition of the metropolitan city combined with splashes of parks, marshlands and countryside. This one hour tour allows you to take in the panoramic sceneries of London, providing an unmatched magical experience you would never forget.


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