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our fully qualified and highly experienced black cab driver is the perfect guide to take you through the streets of London. London's taxi drivers have to sit the toughest taxi exam in the world, and their inside knowledge of London is unsurpassed.
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London's topography is notoriously complex; the city was constructed layer upon layer years back and accessibility can be pretty difficult. Central London alone will take ages to commit to memory, but there is a group of people having such a vast knowledge of all the labyrinth ways in the giant city and they are none other than London's taxi drivers. These Black taxi drivers (named after the famous London Black cabs) know every street, avenue and alley, a knowledge that is held in high esteem. With all the myriads of sights and maze of roads in London, there is no better way of seeing all of them than on a black cab tour.

Black Taxi drivers know more than memorizing London, they are also very familiar with the culture and history of London so that makes for you a very own tour guide on a London sightseeing by taxi tour. The normal taxi tour weaves around the usual famed landmarks any other excursion would cover like the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch. The different thing about taxi tours is that you get a tailored tour from the driver who can transform the sightseeing tour to something more than just building-gazing. Normally a two hour London taxi tour will pass through the usual attractions and the other sights as well, like the Covent Garden, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Then there are taxi tours to take you away from the bustling city into the pretty villages, reminiscent of the classical story settings. Tours to Greenwich and Hampstead are popular black cab tours to villages. Here you will get to see rural parks, ancient museums and, of course, the enchanting village scenery. Everyone knows that the main lure of London lies in its cultural diversity than its colonial past. A London taxi tour allows you to savour this miscellany by exploring the city's locality that illustrates its diversity. Get to see the real London on a black cab tour that runs through East London, a place awash with artists and musicians of different races, not to mention Broadway Market and London Fields.

London's eventful past has permeated the city with enough of mystery. Embark on a Secret London taxi tour to explore all the untold secrets of this great city, including the building of the famous secret service, the Ml5. Shopping and theatre buffs have something too with the tour running through West end, Camden Market and Borough Market.

London sightseeing by taxi is an excursion with a twist bound to thrill you. Your cabbie will make your trip even more comfortable, so all you have to do is sit back, feeling safe and knowing that you're in charge of the itinerary, and enjoy the magnificence of London as it ought to be.
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London has over 2000 years of history to offer the tourist, and what better way to discover that history than in an Iconic London taxi. Capital Taxi Tours run tours 365 days a year, day and...

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