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The rhythm of London's nightlife calls you forwards to indulge in the clubs, events, and delightful gourmet and brewery options for your every need.

Few cities in the world can match the Great London when it comes to nightlife and entertainment. London at night comes to life and although it exudes the image of a conservative city, nightlife in London is exciting and it is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. London brims with history and tradition, with theaters and venues that count their lifetime in decades. From the magnificent old opera houses and the theaters of West End, to trendy pool halls and global sports event and bars and clubs in the City's stylish eastern quarter, London oozes with excitement and throbbing life.

All that can be safely said is that nightlife in London really does cater to all moods and choices. It runs the full gamut from the very riotous drinking dens and clubs to more dignified and laidback spots. The nightlife in London soars across the brightly lit streets, as people live it up, night after night, with dancing, dining and gaiety at some of the best nightclubs in the area. Hoarded with places to go for entertainment, experience London's nightlife by first downing a few inviting cocktails at one of the vibrant bars like Taman Gang. If you are on the lookout for a soothing evening, indulge yourself in fine dining at one of the many discerning restaurants in London.

Every night in London across hundreds of venues, you will get live music being played, from international superstars to the very first-timers making their initial hesitant steps. You will find all types of genres from rock, pop, jazz, blues and folk. Feel like you want to have a pleasant drink in a pub? There are more than 5,000 bars and pubs dotted around London and the quintessential British feel of dropping into a pub for a pint of ale is an excellent way of soaking up the spirit of the different villages that form London. As bars and clubs have burgeoned over the past decade, pubs may have lost some of their charm, but you will still find yourself in the best place to catch up on gossip and enjoy some of the finest ales, cider and malt whiskeys in the world.

If a quiet pub isn't your idea of London nightlife, you can treat yourself in the myriad of entertainment options presented. Whether your choice of nighttime action includes crooning away with friends at a karaoke bar or experiencing one of the many electrifying concert happenings, the ultimate London nighttime event would be to hit the nightclubs in London and dance the night away. Put on your dancing shoes and take to the dance floor and dance the night away as the beats from the DJs turntable whirls the club out of control. Night clubs in London have something unique to offer to both hardcore party animals and those looking for a quite, soothing drink and conversation after a long day.

For those who need to enjoy more than the London nightlife music, there are other things to do at night. A cabaret, for instance, is one such place where you can enjoy exceptional performances, memorable presentations and extraordinary sceneries. Some of them are Cellar Door, Bistrotheque. The same is with comedy; they present friendly environment for visitors and remarkable relationship between the audience and comic. Casino lovers will also find an abundance of stylish casinos in London like the Gala Casino and the Harlem Underground. The casinos in London are perfect venues for faithful followers of billiards and snooker. Most casinos offers card rooms, roulette, poker and black jack.

Despite all its mesmerizing history, London at night is very much alive and far from being a mausoleum. The bubbling and throbbing nightlife in London has a pulse that can be felt all over this enthralling city. Never standing still, in a state of constant flux, this is London at night where clubs, bars and even whole districts can pulsate with energy. If you are looking for a great night, filled with exciting fun, enchanting rhythm and a touch of magic in the air, you have come to the right spot. Take to the streets of London at night, because London is the place to be.

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