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London Top 10 Historical Sights

The wonderful thing about London is for those looking for a little history and culture there are sights to see a plenty within a short distance from anywhere within the city. Some of the most recommended sights are:
Parliament square , Houses of Parliament , SW1A0AA

Possibly London’s most well known landmark this clock tower is a part of the Houses of Parliament. (Known formerly as the Palace of Westminster). Curiously Big Ben is actually the name of the largest bell in the tower, though the moniker has extended itself to the whole tower and is now simply known as BIG BEN.
King Charles St. Clives Steps, London SW1A2AQ

A collection of a vast number of underground chambers that were used during world war II for protection from German air raids. The rooms have been preserved and look pretty much as it did when Churchill led the government against Nazi hostilities.
Kensington Gore, Kensington Gardens , London SW7

Built by Queen Victoria in memoriam of her beloved husband Prince Albert was designed by George Gilbert Scott.. It is a gothic styled monument to a prince that was much loved by his queen. It was opened in 1872 and is 176 feet tall. The statue of Prince Albert under the portico structure is simply magnificent.
48 Doughty St, London WC1N2LX

The one time home of renowned English writer Charles Dickens is the only one of his residences still remaining. For those familiar with works such as ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Nicholas Nickelby’ this is the place to imagine Dickens writing them because they were written at this house.
Trafalgar Square, London WC2N4JJ

A wonderful Church designed by James Gibss in 1726 is elegant historic church. Located at the northeast corner of Trafalgar Square (near the national Gallery ) the church was crafted out of stone. It’s distinguishing feature is the ornate portico and clock tower spire.
Tower Bridge Road, London SE1

This is a museum dedicated to the worlds most famous bridge ‘The Tower Bridge’. It showcases the unique history of the bridge and its role in London’s development.
Trafalgar Square , London WC2

Built in remembrance of Lord Horatio Nelson beating Napoleons Military power , this is London’s most prominent and largest square. A must see feature of the square is the Statute of Nelson that sits atop a commemorative columns
Kensington Palace Gardens ,London W84 PX Most famous for being Princess Diana’s home , this Jacobean mansion was built King William and Queen Mary in 1689. Visitors are allowed through out the year to visit a designated part of the palace and view the 17th century paintings and furnishing to get a glimpse of palatial life. A feature of the exhibited are includes a collection of Princess Diana’s dresses.
Deans Yard, London SW1P3A

Its architecture is breathtaking. The location where kings and queens are crowned to this day is indeed an overwhelming place to visit. Features include burial sight of famous people, gothic style nave and the ornate coronation char.
Buckingham Palace Road/ The Mall, SW1A 1AA

Current residence of the reigning monarch is a wonderful statuesque brick palace. You will know if the queen is in residence if the royal flag is on full mast. A Must see event is the changing of the guard ceremony which takes place in front of the palace. If you are very fortunate you may even see members of the royal family entering or leaving the gates of the palace on their way to official engagements.

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